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Category: Marketing


Are You a Fighter?

A Thought Leader I recently interviewed wants to ask business owners if they are a Fighter or a Piker. I encourage you to be a fighter and I’m going to tell you how, right now. #PassTheHat Transcript Hi, Jon with Flying Chimp Media. You know, I’ve been having such amazing conversations with Thought Leaders in […]

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How to Adapt to the New Normal

Transcript What is normal and what does returning to normal actually mean? What does life after COVID-19 look like for your business? What planning are you doing to ensure that your business is going to succeed post COVID-19? Lets talk about that, let’s talk about it now. A lot of people talking about the new […]

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The Importance of Video Marketing During and After COVID-19

Transcript Let’s talk about the importance of video during and after COVID-19 and let’s talk about it now. You’re watching this video right now. You’re hearing my words my ideas as it pertains to marketing now. You’re seeing my businesses logo on the screen right now. You’re hearing me be a subject matter expert and […]

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Why Facebook? Why Now?

Transcript Why Facebook and why now? Let’s talk about it, well, let’s talk about it now. The secret to fishing is you go with the fish are. And even before COVID-19, Facebook was one of the largest websites on a planet and now as a result of what’s going on, viewership is up tremendously. So, […]

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Life After COVID-19 from a Marketing Perspective

Transcript What does life after COVID-19 look like from a marketing perspective? Let’s talk about it and let’s talk about it now. COVID-19 has changed the way the world does business. Most notably the amount of face time that we’re going to have in the future is going to go down substantially. Whether we go […]

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Four Marketing Ideas for During COVID-19

Transcript: Hello everybody. I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp and today we’re going to talk about four ways that you can take advantage of the Covid lockdown from a marketing perspective. We’re going to talk about it right now. The first thing you can be doing is improving your SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. […]

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Pivot Your Message During COVID-19

Transcript: Marketing your business during these difficult times is just as important as ever, in fact more so. Although sticking with the same message you’ve been using this entire time isn’t going to work. You need to pivot your message to fit the current times. We’re going talk about how to do that right now. […]

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