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Pivot Your Message During COVID-19


Marketing your business during these difficult times is just as important as ever, in fact more so. Although sticking with the same message you’ve been using this entire time isn’t going to work. You need to pivot your message to fit the current times. We’re going talk about how to do that right now.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 have given many small businesses and opportunity to grow their business. Just like in stock market when you don’t want to buy high and sell low, but a lot of people do. In businesses, even though we know we should be marketing during this time a lot of businesses are going to slow down their marketing efforts. This is an opportunity to grow your business gain market share and gain mindshare, but that doesn’t mean that you should be using the same style messaging that you’ve been using this whole time. You need to pivot; you need to shift that message.

Marketing is all about storytelling and what your story tells a lot about your business. You need to make your message fit what the audience wants to hear from you especially during these difficult times. The risk of sticking with the same message you’ve been doing this whole time that you appear very tone-deaf saying that we offer this service, or we sell that product. It’s not what people need to hear right now.

So, you need to shift how you’re talking about that message or that product. how you position it how you will let people know about it says a lot about you and your business. It also gives people an opportunity to know that you care.

I’m going to use Flying Chimp as example instead of just talking about the service that we offer websites search engine optimization, social media, graphic design, branding, these sorts of services. We’ve changed what we’re talking about how you as a business can get through COVID-19. We’ve pivoted our message to be much more relevant to the time that we’re living in. If you’re worried about the economy, and we understand that, so we want to give you advice of how to get through these difficult times. So, whatever your business whatever you sell or do for a living. Make sure you pivot that message to be relevant to what people want to hear.

If you want advice on how you can pivot that message we’d love to help you until next time. I’m Jeff with flying chimp. Be safe, be kind, be the community, pass the hat help local businesses, and I’ll see you next time.

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