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Google Reviews are Critical for Small and Local Businesses


About a month ago Google turned off the ability to post reviews as part of their Google my business program and then about two weeks ago they turned it back on. Let’s talk about the importance of Google reviews as part of your overall online marketing strategy and let’s talk about it right now.

The importance of Google reviews to local small businesses cannot be overstated. It is one of the ultimate forms of earned media. Earned media is a term used by marketers to talk about anything posted about your business by somebody else, a third party. It adds credibility because you are not saying about yourself another person, a third party is saying it about you. It’s a great way of building up your business and Google reviews are a great way about going about an earned media strategy. So, if you accept the importance of Google reviews as part of your business, let’s talk about a strategy. Let’s talk about a way to improve those Google reviews.

Bad reviews are inevitable. It’s going to happen. So what we want to do is we want to have a strategy that increases the number of five-star reviews to balance out the negative reviews that you’re going to happen and the single best strategy the best way of getting those Google reviews those five star Google reviews is to ask for them. Ask your clients ask your friends. Most of them want to actually say good things about you. So, you need to ask them to remind them to happen provide a link so they can actually click on that and make it easy for them. Most people want to help you especially if they like you and so by giving them an opportunity an easy way to actually give those reviews you’re putting yourself in a great position to get those good reviews.

Now, that’s a great strategy if you’re a lawyer or an accountant, where you don’t see a large volume of people on a regular basis, but if you’re in a service business or even a brick-and-mortar once things get better and you see a large volume of people you’re going to want to automate that asking process. You’re still going want to ask to automate we want to where you’re not manually doing the work what ways to do that is through a product called Birdeye. Birdeye will actually integrate directly with your Billing System or your CRM system. So, when you send out a bill reminder, it’s also going to send out that ask, going to send out that link directly to their phone or their email asking for that five-star Google review. It’s a great way of integrating a Google review strategy into your business if you’re seeing a large number of people. We all want to strategize how we’re going to get through this COVID-19 situation. We want to see how we’re going to improve our business by the end of the day once things do get better and they will get better and having a Google review strategy implemented today is a great way of getting there.

If you want advice on how to implement a Google review strategy or ways to integrate Birdeye into your CRM. Give us a call, until next time, I’m Jeff with flying chimp. Be safe be kind pass the hat and I’ll see you again.

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