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Are you ready to be an ENTREPRENEUR again? Well, you better get ready!


Because of COVID-19 business owners, even successful business owners, are going to have to get back to being entrepreneurs. Let’s talk about what that means and let’s talk about it now.

Everybody knows that successful, seasoned business owners have to work ON their business and not IN their business. As their business grows, they hire people to delegate those day-to-day tasks to. Entrepreneurs on the other end have to wear many hats. They work on their business. They work in their business. They do everything they possibly can to help them get to that measure of success to where they can start delegating a lot more tasks on a day-to-day basis. Well COVID-19 has changed a lot of that.

What it means is that successful, seasoned business owners with very successful businesses.– one, five, ten, twenty, fifty million-dollar businesses — have to start being an entrepreneur again. That’s not to say that you’re going stop working on your business and stop thinking about your business. What it’s going to mean is you have to start putting on more hats once again. You’re going to have to work harder like when you were an entrepreneur. You’ve got to outwork, out-think and outlast your competition because the situation is very fluid. We don’t know what the fallout of everything is going to be. So what we do today is going to impact what happens in the future. There will be winners and losers out of this thing. What do you want to be?

Till next time I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp. Remember, be safe, be kind, #passthehat and help local businesses that have been affected by coronavirus and COVID-19 and I’ll see you again.

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