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Are You a Fighter?

A Thought Leader I recently interviewed wants to ask business owners if they are a Fighter or a Piker. I encourage you to be a fighter and I’m going to tell you how, right now.



Hi, Jon with Flying Chimp Media. You know, I’ve been having such amazing conversations with Thought Leaders in business from all over the area and even outside. I’ve been interviewing some of them and putting those online. I hope you check them out. But one thing that keeps emerging is this idea of the fighters versus the pikers. Fighters are business owners that are desperately looking for ways to stay in business keep serving people. Keep employees busy. Keep paying employees. Those are the fighters. They’re taking their business online. They’re doing consultations online. They’re selling their books online that everything is happening. They’re doing curbside. They’re doing deliver. You name it. They’re figuring out ways that they can thrive during the shutdown. Then there’s another group of people will call them the pikers. They’re the ones that when the chips were down, they packed up and left. They just literally shut down and you’re really telling the entire supply chain from your suppliers and vendors above to your customers below when things get tough you disappear. And if they don’t hear from you, they just assume you’re out of business and when this shutdown is over, and it will be over they’re going to remember whether you were there for them or not.

So, I’m encouraging all of you to be fighters, figure out ways. You can communicate to your client, stay in touch with them, ask him if there’s anything they need maybe you could put them together with other clients and you could really be a connector in a network during this difficult time. Remember we’re all in this together. It’s important that we pass the hat, support each other and local businesses.

We’re all in this together. We’re going to get through it together. I’m Jon from Flying Chimp. I’ll see you soon.




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