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PASS THE HAT! Juggling a Bowling Ball, Machete and an Apple to Help the Community!


A week ago, instead of one of my marketing videos, I did video of me juggling fire and I want to one-up myself and want to do some good. So I have an idea, and we’re talking about it right now.

A lot of small and local businesses are getting hurt pretty badly and I want help, and I want us all to help. I have an idea and here’s the thing. I’m going to juggle a bowling ball, a machete, and an apple right now for you. And if you like it, I’m going to pass the hat. That doesn’t mean you’re to send me anything, but passing the hat means we’re gonna go out and help the community go out and help a local business. Get takeout from local restaurant, get a gift certificate from a yoga studio or a fitness trainer.

We’re going to get through this together and if you like the idea of passing the hat and #passthehat, share this video. Like and comment. Get the word out that if people provide entertainment whether you play guitar with your kids, people like it pass the hat and help a local business. We’re going to get through this together and this is one way we’re going to do it.

Now onto the entertainment the bowling ball. A lot of people think the juggling a bowling ball is dangerous, it’s not. It’s difficult. It’s difficult to hold. It’s difficult to throw. It’s difficult to steal from the bowling alley because none are open right now, but it’s not dangerous. You want Danger? Get a machete. Now to prove that their machetes are sharp a lot of jugglers will take a carrot and they’ll cut the carrot on the machete proving that their machetes sharp. But guess what? It doesn’t take a laser to make a salad. So we have the bowling ball, we have a machete and we have the apple.

Remember to pass the hat. Help a local business. I will now attempt to take a bite out of the apple. Remember, help the local community. If you want market ideas for business. Visit us at I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp. I’ll see you next time.

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