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The Importance of Video Marketing During and After COVID-19


Let’s talk about the importance of video during and after COVID-19 and let’s talk about it now.

You’re watching this video right now. You’re hearing my words my ideas as it pertains to marketing now. You’re seeing my businesses logo on the screen right now. You’re hearing me be a subject matter expert and a thought leader right now. That’s the power of video. Don’t you want to do the same thing for your business?

Social media has gone heavily video. Video is everywhere. It gives you an opportunity to share information about your business. How it’s better; how it stronger. The unique selling propositions that you have can be shared through video in a much better way than most other platforms the fact that you’re watching this video now prove that has value it gives me an opportunity to share my expertise to share my value proposition to the outside world. So ultimately choosing to do video both during COVID-19 and after COVID-19 is critical to your business success in their online marketing efforts.

A common question I get asked is how often should I be putting these videos out? Well all too often, I see people create one amazingly slickly produced video and they’re done. Maybe they’ll create one every two or three months. That’s not enough repetition. That’s not consistent enough to create you as that industry leader that thought leader to prove that you are a business expert for what it is you do. Our research has shown is that putting out two videos every single week creates enough consistency — enough repetition — to show you as a thought leader without being too much, to where becomes overwhelming.

The next common question that I get asked a lot is what I’m going to put on these videos. What am I going say? Well, the answer is actually in front of you. You simply have to answer common questions that you get asked a lot. Like I am doing now. A lot of people ask me, “What am I going to put on these videos?”. Well, I’m putting that in a video. So therefore, the idea of answering common questions is a great way of getting started with content that you’re going create for your online presence. Another great way of doing it is coming with top three things, or top five things, of common issues that your clients face on a regular basis. It’s a great way of showing thought leadership and you as an expert in your business.

For ideas of how to create that content — how to create these great videos that are well produced — that get a lot of reach, we’d love to chat. Until next time I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp. Remember, be safe, be kind, #passthehat and help local businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 and I’ll see you again.

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