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Why Facebook? Why Now?


Why Facebook and why now? Let’s talk about it, well, let’s talk about it now.

The secret to fishing is you go with the fish are. And even before COVID-19, Facebook was one of the largest websites on a planet and now as a result of what’s going on, viewership is up tremendously. So, what are you doing to take advantage of this? What strategies do you have in place to take advantage of the downtime that people have as a result of Coronavirus and COVID-19. Well, there’s a lot of strategies that are out there, but the core foundation of what you’re doing is in one word. Content.

Content is king. When you provide valuable content to people, you’re showing them your USP, your unique selling proposition. You’re showing that you’re an expert in whatever it is you do. So, whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a CPA or marketing, like myself, you’re showing valuable content as a reflection of who you are as a business. So whatever strategy you have and whatever delivery mechanism you’re using — whether it’s video, graphics, blogs — the core message has to be based on content. So, if you want ideas and how you can implement content in your social media strategy, we would love to chat.

Till next time, I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp. Remember, be safe, be kind, pass the hat help local businesses that have been affected by Coronavirus and COVID-19 and I’ll see you again.

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