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Delivery and Curbside Pickup is Not Just for Food!

Transcript: Delivery and curbside pickup is not just for food. Here’s a few ways that you can use these tactics to continue doing business during the COVID-19 lock down. Let’s talk about it right now. They say necessity is the mother of invention and some businesses and business owners have had to get very clever […]

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Should You Be Doing SEO During Coronavirus?

Transcript: Should your business be doing search engine optimization during coronavirus? Let’s talk about it right now. Over the last few days, a lot of business owners have asked me whether they should be doing search engine optimization or SEO now the Corona virus and Covid-19 are here. Well, the answer is it depends. It […]

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Four Marketing Ideas for During COVID-19

Transcript: Hello everybody. I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp and today we’re going to talk about four ways that you can take advantage of the Covid lockdown from a marketing perspective. We’re going to talk about it right now. The first thing you can be doing is improving your SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. […]

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ChimpChat S1:E8 – Interview with Cesare Ramos

Transcript: Welcome everybody to the next episode of Chimp Chat. We are joined by Cesare Ramos of IDF. It’s a technology company based in Miami helping clients with all their networking and Technology needs Cesare. Welcome to the show. Thank you, Jeff. Thank you for having me. All right, so let’s start with what’s on […]

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#PassTheHat Update: What Some People Are Doing

Transcript We started the pass the hat campaign to help local small businesses get through this difficult time that they’re experiencing because of Coronavirus and I am blown away at the reaction a lot of you have had and some of the ideas that you have been implementing to help your local community. I want […]

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Pivot Your Message During COVID-19

Transcript: Marketing your business during these difficult times is just as important as ever, in fact more so. Although sticking with the same message you’ve been using this entire time isn’t going to work. You need to pivot your message to fit the current times. We’re going talk about how to do that right now. […]

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