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Should You Be Doing SEO During Coronavirus?


Should your business be doing search engine optimization during coronavirus? Let’s talk about it right now.

Over the last few days, a lot of business owners have asked me whether they should be doing search engine optimization or SEO now the Corona virus and Covid-19 are here. Well, the answer is it depends. It depends upon your type of business and what your long-term goals of that search engine optimization are. Also, the type of business you’re in has a major impact on whether SEO is a good fit for you.

Chances are if SEO is fit for you before, it’s an even better fit for you now. If you were doing search engine optimization as part of your marketing strategy in the past, then I would add to that SEO plan today because right now is a time to go after a bigger piece of that pie. As the pie shrinks you need a bigger piece to be just as successful as you were before.

Further, Google rewards businesses and websites that have consistent SEO. By starting and stopping and campaign you actually often times harm your overall SEO strategy. The best businesses the most successful businesses know that marketing during down times is even more important than ever. Don’t use this as an opportunity to reduce it. Use this opportunity to gain market share.

Whatever marketing you choose to do during these challenging times, whether it’s search engine optimization or pay-per-click video or out-of-home advertising, do something. Be aggressive. Use it as an opportunity to gain market share and grow your business. Till next time, I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp, and I’ll see you.

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