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How to Create Better Connections in Virtual Meetings

Transcript Today, we’re going to talk about how to create a better connection in a virtual meeting. We’re talking about it right now. Because of Covid-19 the world has gone virtual. Zoom meetings and Teams meetings have dominated the business landscape. So how do you create a connection when you’re not face-to-face? Certainly a lot […]

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What is Storytelling in Marketing?

Transcript: Today we’re going to talk about what is storytelling and how it applies to business. We’re going to talk about it right now. Storytelling is critical. When we think about the books and movies that we’ve really responded to that we love, it’s usually because we find a connection with what’s going on. One […]

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Communicating vs Connecting

Today we’re going to talk about communicating versus connecting, and how that applies to marketing. We’re going to talk about it right now. When we’re talking about communicating when it comes to marketing you’re talking about things like what, how, when, how much, the service that you provide. Those are the sorts of features that […]

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Three Rules to Storytelling When Marketing

Today we’re going to go over the three rules of storytelling as it applies to marketing and we’re going to do it right now. The first rule of storytelling for marketing is it’s not about you. It’s about your audience. It’s about your intended audience. So, you want to replace words like I, me and […]

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The Importance of Google Reviews

Transcript We’re going to talk about the importance of Google reviews for your small business, and we’re going to talk about it right now. Google reviews are incredibly important especially for small businesses. They establish credibility for prospective clients when they find you online. This is why it’s incredibly important for every small business to […]

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Get $5,000 from the IRS to Build a New Website!!

Transcript The government is going to give you up to $5,000 to get a brand-new website. It’s true. Let’s find out how right now. IRS code title 26 section 44 states that any business with 30 or fewer employees is eligible for up to a $5,000 tax credit for ADA improvement to their business. Because […]

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Is Your Marketing Message Relevant?

Transcript Is your message relevant to today? What does that mean? Let’s talk about that and let’s talk about it now. Over the last many months, the world has seen a lot change. From Covid-19 and the shutdown to the nationwide protests, your audience oftentimes expects a different message than what they expected six months […]

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The New Normal: A Marketing Perspective for 2020

Transcript The New Normal isn’t the old normal. What does that mean for your business? Let’s talk about it, let’s talk about it now. The New Normal is not the old normal, the genie is not going back in the bottle. So, what are we going to do and how are we going to affect […]

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A History Lesson on Marketing During an Economic Downturn

Transcript When times are good, you should advertise when times are bad, you must advertise. This was written by Bruce Barton almost 100 years ago and it’s still relevant today. Let’s talk about what history has to teach us about marketing during a downturn, let’s talk about it now. In the 1930s Kellogg’s destroyed Post […]

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