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#PassTheHat Update: What Some People Are Doing


We started the pass the hat campaign to help local small businesses get through this difficult time that they’re experiencing because of Coronavirus and I am blown away at the reaction a lot of you have had and some of the ideas that you have been implementing to help your local community. I want to share a few of them with you right now.

The first story I want to share with you is someone I know who bought 10 pizzas and two platters and donated that food to their local emergency room to feed the doctors and nurses working so hard to keep us safe. That was an incredible gesture of kindness and I know the nurses and staff appreciated and the local Italian restaurant I’m sure appreciate the business. It’s a great way of passing the hat, thank you.

Another story that it was a great example of passing the hat with someone about 20 dozen bagels from a local bagel place and they delivered a dozen to all of their neighbors, it’s a great way of staying connected in difficult times and 20 dozen bagels was a nice sale for that bagel restaurant. It’s a great way of passing hat.

Finally, a lot of you have reached out to tell me that you’re emailing your clients and friends and family directly letting them know about the pass the hat campaign. A number of you can pick specific businesses that you want to help support. It’s a wonderful way of letting people know what’s going on and that we have to support everyone during these difficult times. Thank you.

These are just a few ways that some of you have told me that you’re passing the hat. How are you passing the hat? How are you helping local businesses that are troubling during this difficult time? Let us know in your comments below remember to like comment and share this video so people know about this movement people know to go out and help other people. Till next time, I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp, be kind, be safe, be the community, pass the hat, and I’ll see you again.

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