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What is Storytelling in Marketing?


Today we’re going to talk about what is storytelling and how it applies to business. We’re going to talk about it right now.

Storytelling is critical. When we think about the books and movies that we’ve really responded to that we love, it’s usually because we find a connection with what’s going on. One of the reasons why Harry Potter was so successful among kids and teens is because they felt very similar to how Harry, Ron and Hermione and what they were experiencing in the books. But how does it apply to your business? What can you do to be a great storyteller in your business?

How storytelling applies to your business is about finding that unique selling proposition — that unique value proposition — that makes your business special, stronger, faster, better than the next company. Connecting with your audience by putting them into the story is a great way of describing your value and how you’re better. So when creating your story you wanted to make it about your audience and your intended audience replace I, me, we with you, us, together so you’re creating value for them. Storytelling is all about showing value and that’s the key to being successful in business and in marketing.

Until next time, I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp, and I’ll see you again.

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