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Is Your Marketing Message Relevant?


Is your message relevant to today? What does that mean? Let’s talk about that and let’s talk about it now.

Over the last many months, the world has seen a lot change. From Covid-19 and the shutdown to the nationwide protests, your audience oftentimes expects a different message than what they expected six months ago. What have you done to make sure that your message is relevant to what today’s audience wants to hear?

One of the first things that I talk to clients about is what is your brand supposed to say — you should always fall back on the brand. Messages can be temporary whereas your brand is permanent. Your brand is a promise that your business makes with its customers and its prospective customers. So, what does that promise mean and how does it want to shift to today? Well, depending upon your business, it might not change that much. Depending upon your business it might change a lot. How you think about your current messaging whether it’s relevant to what people are feeling or not is going to say a lot about you and your business.

So, whether you choose to change your message or not, make informed decisions about what the world expects of you. As long as you’re making informed decisions and you understand how your message can pivot, you should be making good decisions. If you’re not sure, we’d love to help; that’s what we do. Until next time, I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp. Be safe. Be kind. Be compassionate; we’re going to get through this together. And I’ll see you next time.

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