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Are You Feeling Fatigue? Well, Get Over It and Press Forward!


A lot of business owners are feeling fatigued right now. Let’s talk about what it means for your business and let’s talk about it now.

2020 has definitely had its share of difficulties starting with Covid-19 and the shutdown. Many business owners have had to pivot how they do business. They’ve had to work remotely. They’ve had to change what they do in order to stay afloat. Then the protests started to happen and now summer is here when many people would normally go away. These things have created difficulties and stress for many business owners. The zoom meetings, the lack of social interaction and being able to see our friends and our family. All of these things combined have created fatigue for many business owners.

As a result, many businesses have started to pull back. They start to reduce the amount of marketing that they’re doing in and this is when you should be pressing forward and doing more marketing. Go out and gain that market share. When people pull back you press forward and that’s how wars are won. By marketing more today you’re creating more opportunities for when things get better. And they will get better we know that. So put your business in a position to be more successful when things are fully better.

If you want to talk about how to do that we’d love to chat. I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp, remember be safe be kind be compassionate pass the hat and help local businesses that have been affected by Covid-19 and I’ll see you next time.

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