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The Importance of Google Reviews


We’re going to talk about the importance of Google reviews for your small business, and we’re going to talk about it right now.

Google reviews are incredibly important especially for small businesses. They establish credibility for prospective clients when they find you online. This is why it’s incredibly important for every small business to have a strategy to get those five-star Google reviews. Bad reviews are inevitable, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, so we need to drown out those bad reviews with more positive reviews. So, if you have 10 five-star reviews for every one bad review your number, your overall ranking is still very high.

The single best way to get those five-star reviews is to ask for them. Your clients, your colleagues, they want to give you those five-star reviews. But they’re not going to think of it on their own, so you have to make it easy for them by asking for them and then providing a link so they can leave it directly.

That’s a great strategy if you’re a lawyer, or an accountant, where you don’t have a high volume of clients or people that you see on regular basis. But for a high-volume business whether it’s service or brick-and-mortar, you need a different strategy in place. For those high-volume businesses, you’re going to want to automate the asking process. There’s a product out there called BirdEye and it can integrate right within your CRM or your billing system. So, every single time you send out a bill it’s automatically going to ask for that five-star review. It sends it right to their phone and or their email so, you’re going to get those reviews piling up quickly over time.

If you want help with your Google review strategy whether how to ask, the email to send, or implementing BirdEye into your CRM or billing system give us a call. I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp, I’ll see you next time.

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