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The July 4 Marketing Lesson

What marketing lesson can we learn from the American Revolution? Transcript We just celebrated the July 4th holiday. The celebration of our nation’s freedom and I’m reminded of that great story of the Minutemen and Paul Revere running through town crying that the British are coming and setting those lanterns up in the in the […]

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Inclusion Matters

Is your business “Inclusive” and does it matter? Transcript Does your business have a mindset of inclusion? What do I mean by that? Well, I’m going to explain to you what inclusion means right now. A policy of inclusion says everybody should have the opportunity to be my client and I should have the opportunity […]

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The Future of Work Interview with Tiija Berquist

What are your options for re-opening your business and even downsizing the space you rent? We’ll get to that today with my guest Tiija Berquist. Transcipt You’ve got questions about what the new normal looks like so do I. We’re going to get them answered now. Joining me today is my guest Tiija Bergquist, Sales […]

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The New Normal: A Marketing Perspective for 2020

Transcript The New Normal isn’t the old normal. What does that mean for your business? Let’s talk about it, let’s talk about it now. The New Normal is not the old normal, the genie is not going back in the bottle. So, what are we going to do and how are we going to affect […]

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Transcript When the COVID shutdown began, we started hearing the phrase “Alone Together”. That was a way of letting you know that you had to stay isolated, but then we were all being isolated, so we were “alone together”. The events of the past two weeks have really led me to question that because it […]

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A History Lesson on Marketing During an Economic Downturn

Transcript When times are good, you should advertise when times are bad, you must advertise. This was written by Bruce Barton almost 100 years ago and it’s still relevant today. Let’s talk about what history has to teach us about marketing during a downturn, let’s talk about it now. In the 1930s Kellogg’s destroyed Post […]

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Is Your Marketing Message “Right Now”?

Is your marketing message right now, about right now? Transcript I have a question for you. Is your marketing message right now, about right now? Well I’m going to help you figure that out. Guess when? Right now. Sadly, most people do a website, put it together, put all the messaging and then it dies. […]

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How Will the Market Remember You?

As we start to loosen up the restrictions of the COVID-19 shutdown, the market will ask an important question; “where were you?” What is the message going to be when the shutdown is over? Are people going to remember that you were there to serve them? Are they going to remember that you were there […]

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Zoom Etiquette

Have you fallen victim to one of the classic blunders? The first is never get into a land war in Asia. The second, and only slightly less well known, is never make these mistakes during #Zoom meetings. Transcript Let’s talk about some Zoom etiquette and let’s talk about it now. Zoom meetings are dominating the […]

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