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Is Your Marketing Message “Right Now”?

Is your marketing message right now, about right now?


I have a question for you. Is your marketing message right now, about right now? Well I’m going to help you figure that out. Guess when? Right now. Sadly, most people do a website, put it together, put all the messaging and then it dies. It sits there for 7 to 10 years and they don’t update it. But with what’s going on with the COVID shutdown, and now the gradual reopening, I’m telling you your marketing message needs to be about right now.

So here are three things that you should be putting out on your website and in your social media.

First, are you doing business and how are you doing business can people meet with you online people are using videoconferencing to deliver services all over the country, can people come in just do curbside, are you shipping to them or is your office or business open for customers and clients to come in, do business in some limited way.

The second thing is how do you want them to do business with you? If you have a policy either in your business or in the building that you’re in where visitors have to wear a mask, let them know that ahead of time that’s going to let remove a lot of confusion about they show up and feel like they have to turn around because they’re not prepared to do business and spend money with you.

The third thing is you should be letting customers and the market know what your sterilization procedures are. It doesn’t matter whether you cut hair, do nails, do medical procedures or you’re just a law firm. You need to let customers know that they should be comfortable because you have very clear cleaning and sterilization processes in place.

If you let them know these three things, you’re going to be on your way to taking off and making the most out of the COVID reopening.

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