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Zoom Etiquette

Have you fallen victim to one of the classic blunders? The first is never get into a land war in Asia. The second, and only slightly less well known, is never make these mistakes during #Zoom meetings.


Let’s talk about some Zoom etiquette and let’s talk about it now.

Zoom meetings are dominating the business landscape. And even after we’re able to presume to face to face meetings zoom and other teleconference solutions are still going to have a major impact on how we conduct business in the future. And yet despite the fact that we’ve been using Zoom regularly for the last few months people are still making the same basic mistakes over and over and over again, and unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on how we perceive you as a business professional it can impact what we want to do business with you can impact whether we want refer business to you so here are a few tips so you can be a Zoom pro.

The first and most important rule is learned to use the mute button properly. If you’re in a large group meeting its best practices to leave yourself muted this way people can’t hear the background noises that are happening which can be very distracting, but be prepared to unmute yourself quickly when it’s your turn to talk. You can either click the little microphone button or you can hold down the space button to temporarily unmute yourself; either way it works. It is be prepared. Don’t be the person who’s unaware of whether they’re muted or not and starts asking “can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?” Don’t be that person.

The next thing to be aware of is pay attention to your framing. And by framing, I mean where your head is relative to the video screen. You don’t want to be too high or too low you want your eyes about one third from the top of the screen. It’s called the rule of thirds. It’s the best way that you’re going to look professional for people that are seeing you and don’t forget your lighting if you have more light on you it’s going reflect better upon you.

The next tip is pay attention pretend like it’s a real meeting. Let’s be honest, we all know when somebody’s multitasking when they’re either Zoom call when they’re checking their email or other things. Don’t be that person who’s not paying attention to what’s going on because it reflects poorly upon you in a business setting,

Finally, let’s talk about screen sharing. If you’re not the host or if you haven’t been asked by the host to do it simply don’t share your screen. It’s really distracting and very inappropriate. But if you are the host, you are the speaker be mindful of what your screen is actually doing. Remember PowerPoint slides and a live presentation is only meant to enhance the speaker, not be replacement for, so you’re going want to make sure you still use video integrated with your PowerPoint Slide the whole time. So that means if you’re to want to take down that screen and then reshare that’s certainly more appropriate than leaving a boring PowerPoint slide up the whole time that isn’t moving and doesn’t create the interaction that zoom, and other teleconference solutions are so powerful at doing.

Those are just a few ways to improve your Zoom etiquette. What are your tips? Go ahead leave your ideas in the comments below till next time. I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp. Remember be safe be kind pass the hat and help local businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 and I’ll see you again.

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