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The World is Opening Back Up and Your Message Should Reflect That. But How?

The world is opening back up and different people have different opinions about that. What their opinions are and what their feelings are are going to change how you’re going to market to them. Let’s talk about that, and let’s talk about it now.

Some people can’t wait for the world to open back up. They can’t wait to get back to it; it can’t happen fast enough. They can’t wait to go out, see friends, and go to dinner. Other people are afraid. They’re concerned for their health or their family’s health. Other people are somewhere in the middle. The world is opening back up, but how people react and how people feel about it are going to change your message. It’s going change how you sell to them. It’s going to change how you market to them.

For the people that are excited, you need to match their excitement. You need to be excited for them that the world is finally opening back up. You need to make it clear that they’re making up for lost time. For the people that are nervous people that are afraid you need to have a message of concern, one of safety, one of protection. The people that are somewhere in the middle, you need to have a little bit of both. How a person is feeling about the opening up of the world again is going to impact how you’re going to sell to them. One of the things we work with our clients on is their messaging your message needs to be relevant to the times were living in, but it also needs to be relevant to the audience that you’re delivering it to.

If you’re looking for ideas on how you can improve your messaging, we’d love to help. I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp. Remember be safe, be kind, #passthehat and help local businesses that have been affected by Covid-19 and I’ll see you next time.

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