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Are You Ready to #PassTheHat

#PassTheHat is happening and is waiting for you to engage!


Hi, Jon Garber here with Flying Chimp Media and I want to touch base with you again about our #PassTheHat campaign. Pass the Hat doesn’t mean handing out money or collecting money or being a street performer. Pass the Hat is about reaching out to the people that you love in your community. The business owners, entrepreneurs, small companies, maybe restaurants and asking them how can I still do business with you? Can you deliver? Can I pick up curbside? Can I buy online? Can you do training session with me over the Internet, over Zoom or Skype whatever you like to use.

The question is can we try and do normal business while being safe if the answer is yes, then go out and do it, you know a lot of businesses in your area will even give you a gift certificate even if they don’t have a formal gift card program ask them if you can pre-buy services now, hopefully we’ll be able to use them in a month or so and that’s one great way of telling those businesses that you’re here for them because they’re here for you and all of them have employees that are your neighbors.

Remember there’s a great saying, Amazon doesn’t sponsor your kid’s soccer team. So, if we don’t support our local businesses who will and please go out and pass the hat.

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