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This is the Biggest Mistake Many Sales and Marketing Professionals Make!

Consider the difference between these two statements:

1) How can I help you?

2) This is how I am going to help you.

Both are important, but for maximum effectiveness they need to be used together (and in the right order).


We’re going to talk about one of the single biggest mistakes that people make in sales and marketing. We’re going to talk about it right now.

One of the single biggest mistakes that people make during sales and marketing early consultations is that they fail to listen to the needs of their clients. Consider the difference of the following statements. One: How can I help you? Two: This is how I’m going to help you. Well these two things are both valid and both equally important, but when you choose to use them changes everything.

Let’s talk about the first item. How can I help you? It’s a simple question but one that doesn’t get asked often enough. By asking questions early you get to learn about the pain that your clients or prospective clients are experiencing. By finding out information. now, you can create situations where you can solve their problems later. Furthermore, you’re listening. Remember two ears, one mouth, use them proportionally. By listening early on you’re able to create successes for the future.

Now, let’s talk about the second line. This is how I can help you. Well, this is very powerful because you’re now solving their pain. But this only works when you first find out what they’re pain is. Realistically we’ve all met salespeople and marketing people that tell you very upfront what it is they do and what is they’re going to do for the person. Unfortunately. This doesn’t give them the opportunity to learn what their pain actually is. I suppose the logic behind the strategy is that saves time, but in reality, it actually reduces opportunities for you to actually get the business. By asking questions early on and then solving the pain that they’re experiencing you’re creating opportunities for your business and business success for the future. Both of these are powerful statements, but they have to be used together and in the correct order for maximum effectiveness. First, ask questions find out your audiences’ pain and then solve the pain.

If you want ideas and how you can do that we would love to chat. Until next time I’m Jeff with Flying Chimp. Remember be safe be kind pass the hat and help local businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 and I’ll see you again.

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