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Project Frontline Feel Good is Passing The Hat


If you’d like more information on supporting Project Frontline Feel Good, reach out to Nansi at [email protected]

If you’re a leader and want to share your knowledge with the market, email Jonathan at [email protected]


My guest today is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse an Author a Minister,  a Certified Speaker a top selling Mary Kay Consultant and an extremely active Community Advocate and you’re going to meet her right now.

Nancy Coghlan is my guest today. She is all of those things and so much more Nancy. Thanks, so much for joining us today on the show. Thank you so much for having me Jonathan. I really appreciate you taking the time. It’s my pleasure and for everything that you do for the community, and as a nurse, it’s absolutely my pleasure that you took time out of your busy schedule to sit with me on my little webcast. But what you have, and I listed off a ton of things you’re doing, but I want to talk about one campaign you’re working on now because I think it’s so tightly on the money. You probably have seen some of our blogs about the Pass the Hat campaign. Yes, where we are asking people to share how they are being intentional making deliberate choices to support local Merchants their neighbors. The people they patronized for years go to these local merchants and support them any way you can and if you can use the local Merchants to support our Frontline people the doctors Nurses the EMS the firefighters that’s a win-win now keep the money in the community and we support each other because the end of the day we’re all in this together. You’ve come up with a very special project called project Frontline Feel Good. Can you tell us about it? Yes, thank you so much. What project Frontline Feel Good was an idea that just kind of came to me one afternoon. as a former of Mary Kay Director. I found myself with a large inventory. Of self-care products and I thought how can I donate these to frontline workers to make them feel good. So, as I was coming out of the shower, I was like, huh Frontline feel good. So that’s how it came about because everybody wants to feel good. And this time there’s so much going on. There’s so much pain. There’s so much loss of income loss of life loss of space, you know lost serenity or spiritual and I thought how can I affect a project? Actually, a project that is going to really be multi-pronged an effect on many levels. So, I came up with this idea called Frontline Feel Good, which is a project that will assist my Mary Kay business. Everybody’s America never was America consultant. It will consider it will assist their business because it will allow them to purchase their products because we purchase our products and will allow them to keep their Mary Kay business going at the same time. It is going to help the line workers because it’s going to be going into this amazing bag filled with products. I know nice red big too big that big but it’s going to help the Frontline workers because they’re going to be receiving a bag full feel good products after all that is the name of the project Frontline feel good and it is thought of it can be sponsored by local businesses because they have been out of work. Unfortunately. They are many of them are closed due to this crazy pandemic and you know, they’re suffering as well. So, everybody has a little bit of this burden to bear and I thought the small business so just would be able to sponsor the project and thereby getting their name into these bags in the form of coupons love letters business card. Just letting them know that you support the Frontline workers in a while you’re out there doing that. We are here at home and when you’re ready and able to come back to us. We’re going be open when I don’t say produced by the doors and we’re going need everybody support as well now. So, this I thought was a win-win for the community and I levels writing love letters and notes of the Frontline and you know, if that’s all that you can do to help me with this project. I’m telling you that’s such a huge thing for Frontline workers. So, let’s be clear in an individual can sponsor a bag or several bags. It’s a small business or a local business or even a large business can sponsor bags in increments of five hundred dollars. I think the bags are we you know $100 to sponsor a to gift a bag is a hundred dollars if they slaughter fun bags, then they that would give them the ability to have their name and their sponsorship recognition and memorandum for somebody that they can have their sponsorship in each bag that goes out the door. So now of course, it’s a small Project but this could turn into a big project and it really could be no reaching in a with the idea of building up the community on many levels. I love that message. So, if I had a business, I could sponsor bags at least five, and I could put let’s say gift certificate for nurses and doctors who could come in and grab a sandwich or whatever pizza after work or have it sent to their house. To take help take care of their family while they’re working in the ER. So, you’ve got all of these Dimensions to it, but the but the bottom line is individuals can get involved and local businesses can get involved. There’s something for everybody to show their appreciation of the Frontline workers. There really is there really is a place for everybody to win and there’s a bag for every person at every level. So, it’s really, you know, a Community Partnership. That’s what I love to hear. I think that is so in the spirit of the past. had campaign. I greatly appreciate everything you’re doing to support the front line and local businesses. And I appreciate your time to take out of your busy schedule and sit with me and share this with my audience. What a great bag. I just goes on and on I need a bigger screen. This is bag these up with the love letters are going to go the love letters and the Penguin. The takeaway great. Thank you so much. You’re terrific. Remember? We’re all in this together now we’re all this together with Nancy.


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