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Category: Fun


Customer Service Revisited

Transcript: The response to my umbrella-customer service video was tremendous. So here’s another thought about handling that customer service challenge. Never open up by first offering compensation. This is a classic mistake large organizations make. They run you through a script, offer you something to shut up and go away and close out the file. […]

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Are You Ready to #PassTheHat

#PassTheHat is happening and is waiting for you to engage! Transcript: Hi, Jon Garber here with Flying Chimp Media and I want to touch base with you again about our #PassTheHat campaign. Pass the Hat doesn’t mean handing out money or collecting money or being a street performer. Pass the Hat is about reaching out […]

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Be a Part of #Passthehat

We started the #Passthehat Campaign to encourage people to support local merchants of all kinds through deliberate choices such as buying takeout, taking classes online with local instructors, pre-buying services or gift certificates, and more. Additionally, some people can use these services of local merchants to support doctors, nurses and other folks keeping our community […]

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