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Be a Part of #Passthehat

We started the #Passthehat Campaign to encourage people to support local merchants of all kinds through deliberate choices such as buying takeout, taking classes online with local instructors, pre-buying services or gift certificates, and more. Additionally, some people can use these services of local merchants to support doctors, nurses and other folks keeping our community safe by purchasing subs, pizzas, chocolate baskets, etc. to be delivered to emergency rooms and fire stations.

Now we’d like you to share your #Passthehat story in a short, easy and fun way.

1)  Prop up your phone or ask a housemate to shoot this video for you.

2)  Record yourself taking a hat in your right hand, putting it on your head and saying “I pass the hat by….” fill in how you are supporting local businesses. Even something simple like ordering takeout for curbside pickup.

3)  Take the hat off with your left hand and “pass” it off screen to the left. The whole video should be about 3-5 seconds

4) Email your video to [email protected]

It looks like this

Please do NOT mention your company’s name, a merchant’s name, restaurant name, etc. We won’t be able to use your video if you do.

This is a fun way to tell the world that the shutdown won’t keep you down and that we are all in this together. If you have any questions, please write [email protected].

Here are some more ideas on how you can Pass The Hat:

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