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The Almighty Ask


If you find yourself in one of the many online networking events and virtual happy hours going on, you’ll inevitably find yourself facing the spotlight. This is when the host says, lets unmute, go around and introduce ourselves. If they’re smart, they’ll put a time cap on that like 45 seconds and brother, you better stay in that time limit. 

For sure, you should have your elevator pitch or tight self-introduction practiced and ready. But I want to talk about just one part of it, the ask. A good self-introduction or commercial ends with the ask. That’s where you tell the room who you want to meet. 

You might describe an ideal prospect or a center of influence. But, I want you to try one little language change. I want you to change “I want to meet” to “I want to Help”. That’s right, change meet to help.  Tell the room you want to help this kind of client achieve fill in the blank. Whatever great benefit someone gets from working with you. Anything from peace of mind to higher profits, lower electric bills or glowing skin. In other words, I want you to tell the room you’re in the Helping business not selling business. Try this for a month and share those results with me. I think you’ll be amazed at the response you get.


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