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Brush Up Your LinkedIn



During the COVID crisis or as I like to call it “special time”, your online persona is your whole public persona. Nobody will see you online one week and then run into at a networking event the next week and say “you’re nothing like what I saw online”. So things like your LinkedIn profile are supercritical right now and you should invest some time updating it.

Here are the top three things I want you to work on for starters. This is just LinkedIn 101.

First, your picture. If you have no picture or an ancient picture like a high school yearbook, it’s gotta go. Consider investing in a real professional headshot. If not, get a friend or family member to take a fresh, updated shot.

Second, fill out that headline. [Complete your headline] You’ve got 120 characters to tell the world something clever and catchy about what you do or are passionate about. Use them.

Third, I want you to get one person a week to write you a recommendation and do that for at least three weeks. [Ask for recommendations] Yes, you’ll have to give that person writing the recommendation some guidance on skills you want them to mention. But if you do this, in three weeks, you’ll have three recommendations and you are off to a great start creating a high-impact LinkedIn profile.

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