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Website Accessibility

ADA compliance applies to websites.

Short version: It’s real. You can be sued. The government will pay you to make your site compliant.

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ADA for websites??!?! Is this really a thing?!?!? Seriously?!?!?

Yes, it is really a thing. No, you will not need to build a wheelchair ramp for your website. We get that it seems weird, but it really isn’t as bad as you may think.

In a nutshell, Website Accessibility is about making your website work for people with visual and auditory disabilities. So the websites need to be coded in such a way so people who are blind or deaf can still use your website.



So what if a blind or deaf person can’t use my website? Why should I care?

1) You can be sued if your website is not acessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

2) There are a lot more people out there with visual or auditory disabilities than you think, so accesibilities is good for business.

Besides, the government will pay you to make your site accessible. (More on that later.)



Sue me?!? That is such bull$#%&! Is that even real? How can these sorts of frivolous lawsuits be allowed?

Yes, it is real. There have been many businesses that have been sued. Many businesses have fought those lawsuits, and many have lost those lawsuits.

One of the first major cases was with Winn Dixie. To make a long story short, they had coupons on their website that were only available on their websites. Their website was not accessible for people with visual impairments, and as a result they lost the lawsuit because this was considered discriminatory practices. There have been a lot of other cases, such as Hobby Lobby, Dick Blick, etc.

But even Dominos Pizza was sued because their app was not accessible and they lost. Dominos appealed the decision, and ultimately the Supreme Court chose not to hear the case. Therefore, the decision stands.

We are not here to say whether these are bull$#%& lawsuits, frivolous lawsuits, or legitimate lawsuits. We will simply say that they are EXPENSIVE lawsuits.

You’ll have to hire a lawyer to fight it. You have to pay their fees no matter what. Then, if you lose, you need to pay for their lawyers, also. Either way, you lose.

It is easier to simply make your site accessible to start. Besides, the government will pay you to make your site accessible. (More on that later.)



Is there any benefit to my business?

Yes! The thing is, there are more people with disabilities that you realize.

Here are some stats:

– 3% of the US population has a visual impairment
– 15% of the US population are heating impaired

That means almost 1/5 of the population has a disability that impacts websites.

But we can look at more stats and it becomes even more interesting:

– 58.5% of Americans 65+ identify as disabled
– 73% of people 65+ use the internet

Basically, as the population ages, more and more people have these sorts of impairments and they use the internet. So why wouldn’t you want to sell to them?

Besides, the government will pay you to make your site accessible. (More on that later.)



You keep saying the government will pay me to make my website accessible. Is that true?

Yes! Section 44, Title 26 of the US Tax Code is for ADA improvements to your business.

It states that businesses with 30 or fewer employees OR one million dollars or less in annual revenue are eligible for the credit.

The credit is for 50% of the cost, after the first $250, up to $5,000.

Don’t believe us? Here is a link to the tax code.

So the government will pay you to make your site accessible. Cool, right?

So call us today at 954-634-2446 and have our Website Accessibility experts protect and grow your business.