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Category: ChimpChat


Customer Service Revisited

Transcript: The response to my umbrella-customer service video was tremendous. So here’s another thought about handling that customer service challenge. Never open up by first offering compensation. This is a classic mistake large organizations make. They run you through a script, offer you something to shut up and go away and close out the file. […]

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The Future of Work Interview with Tiija Berquist

What are your options for re-opening your business and even downsizing the space you rent? We’ll get to that today with my guest Tiija Berquist. Transcipt You’ve got questions about what the new normal looks like so do I. We’re going to get them answered now. Joining me today is my guest Tiija Bergquist, Sales […]

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ChimpChat S1:E8 – Interview with Cesare Ramos

Transcript: Welcome everybody to the next episode of Chimp Chat. We are joined by Cesare Ramos of IDF. It’s a technology company based in Miami helping clients with all their networking and Technology needs Cesare. Welcome to the show. Thank you, Jeff. Thank you for having me. All right, so let’s start with what’s on […]

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ChimpChat S1:E3 — Interview with Samantha Fitzgerald

In this video, we talk with Samantha Fitzgerald, of the Law Offices of Samantha J Fitzgerald, Samantha is the Co-Chair of the Broward County Bar Association Wills, Trusts and Estates Section. She talks about how COVID-19 has impacted estate planning and probate, how the current pandemic has impacted people’s fears, and the importance of proper […]

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